Put your money where your heart is.TM

how does it work?
  1. You create an account here on givlet, and add the charities you like. You can weight the charities according to your preferences, so the ones you *love* will benefit the most!
  2. You go shopping online with one of our retail partners. When you check out, they'll ask us how much you want to give, and then they'll add that to your purchase total.
  3. You finish your purchase online, and the retailer sends us your donation amount. We then split it up based on your preferences, and send the money to your charities!

Wait, is this going to cost me money?

Signing up with us is free, and you only give as much as you want to with each purchase. You can quicky and easily change your default donation amount here in your givlet account, or just adjust it when you are checking out.

So whats YOUR cut?

In order to keep the service running, we will take a very small portion of the donations for our operational expenses -- less than a penny per transaction.

Do I get a receipt?

We can send receipts as often as you'd like to keep track of your donation amounts, or you can just check here in your member center for the amounts.